Kayla Zuskin


Kayla Zuskin

Kayla Zuskin spends most of her days dreaming up songs for her songwriter alias Lavender Blue, playing guitar and collaborating with other musicians. When she's not playing she's listening. 

What color are you right now? Please describe your now. 
Right now I'm a dark shade of periwinkle. Now: I am currently delving into making my first production in Ableton, which is like painting in a software for music.

If you could describe your self as an herb or flower what botanical plant would you be? 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

nature, travel, music, film, books, art, poetry. 

What do you hope to share or say with the work you dedicate yourself to? 

I hope to help others bring meaning to the world around them by placing them in an unfamiliar landscape through sound and having them paint themselves into it. 

Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?

Waking up with a stretch and a hot cup of coffee then, writing in a cafe.


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