Lilly-Anne Merat

I’ll fly away, my eyes are wide
It’s like the sky is all around me
The loudest sound is my heartbeat
— Lyrics from Lilly's self titled album, Lilly-Anne Merat

Lilly-Anne Merat, one third of the soul trio Kismet, spends most of her time making/listening to music, cooking/eating food, and teaching/playing with kids, but if it was possible, she would spend 25-50% of her time in the ocean.

What color are you right now? Please describe your now. 

I would say that right now, I am a shade of plum. Feeling a bit dark thanks to heavy times and darkening days, but still feeling jazzy purple. 

If you could describe your self as an herb or flower what botanical plant would you be? 

Oooh, maybe ginger root/flower? Warm, subtly spicy, strong, intense, beautiful, passionate, and most importantly, powerful.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the beautiful nature that surrounds me, the incredible people in my life, and the great artists who have come before me. 

What do you hope to share or say with the work you dedicate yourself to? 

I hope that people see/hear what I do and that it encourages them to do the things they love. The arts have given me so much freedom and joy. I was lucky enough to have been exposed to boundless creativity and exploration during my childhood. I believe that it is because of this that I am so passionate and driven today. I want to share this. I believe that by opening doors and exposing others to limitless creativity, curiosity and exploration, we can make a positive impact on our world. It makes me incredibly sad to see arts education disappearing from our schools. Our kids need these tools, and I want to advocate for that. Right now, I am doing that by teaching these skills and sharing my music and art. Eventually, I hope to do much more.

Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?

Considering the fact that I have mild to moderate OCD, rituals (healthy and unhealthy) are a pretty inherent part of my nature! Nowadays, I try to create healthy rituals. My bedtime ritual includes lavender oil in my diffuser, honey hand cream on my hands, tiger balm on my neck if I’m feeling sore, and a little bit of reading if it’s not already too late! I consider myself to be pretty “witchy”, as I love herbs and often make health concoctions and such. I hope to to expand upon this! Lastly, my one annual ritual happens at the end of each summer. During my last ocean swim, I say bye to the ocean for the year with a kiss on the sand and an underwater verbally spoken “thank you” (which ends up being mostly bubbles!).