Coco Villa

founder of Casa De Coco • director of movement and film • sustainable fashion designer • botanical dyer • performance artist • photographer

Afro-Colombian artist, Coco Villa crafts rarities for spaces, walls, and bodies. She travels the world sharing her craft by facilitating workshops and experiences on natural dyes and movement. Book a private lesson or take a look at her calendar of events.

c u r r e n t l y Asheville, North Carolina • Brooklyn, New York • Medellin, Colombia


Casa De Coco

Formally known as SOMOS by CocoNuco, Casa De Coco was born in 2012 when founder Coco Villa rekindled her great lifelong love and fascination with sewing and performance art. What started as a custom client garment collection, evolved into a project documenting movement, clothing, and color behavior. This is not simply a clothing brand. Casa De Coco is a creation at the intersection of fashion, movement, and film.

Casa De Coco works with artists, designers, and other businesses to realize their creative branding and visual content needs through the photographic medium, dance, sustainable fashion design, and art direction.


AMANTE Intimates

A M A N T E is Casa De Coco’s reoccurring collection of silk slips, robes, and luxurious loungewear. Each garment is a nostalgic relationship to Earth, handmade from natural fibers, soaked in a bit of magic, and filled with ingredients that love you back.

The layers we intertwine into our worlds should be infused with healing intentions, strength, and love. This is your most intimate layer. This is a companion for your skin.

Browse Humans in AMANTE, a collection of photographs and interviews featuring inspiring humans wearing their favorite AMANTE silk intimates.

Take a look at El Color de AMANTE, a two-part short film.

Find out where to shop AMANTE.

Request a bouquet preservation and custom sewn slip here.


The Colour Lab

The Colour Lab is Casa De Coco’s.initiative to waste less, educate consumers, and serve the community. Textiles are given second life by turning them into a new shade!

Find out more or request an over dye here.